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Do you know what assets you have, where they are located, how well they are working, how much they are worth, and how effectively they are supporting you or your clients business?

This can be applied to quantities, positions and types of equipment within your organisation. It could be an inventory of your retail shop equipment, signage or departmental sales area equally it could be your office or plant equipment. Ultimately it helps you assign a value against your assets but equally it tells you exactly what you have and where.

We carry out detailed audit surveys to capture current as-built data, which when coupled with our bespoke asset database you have an accurate and easy to use management system.


We specialise in Retail Store Audits to capture typically the following:–

• Retail Space Area   • Signage
• External & Internal Elevations   • Ceiling & Flooring
• Store front & Window areas   • Back of House & Warehousing
• POS & Branding    

All data can be captured electronically with supporting photographs and merged or exported to spreadsheets or a bespoke Database.

To discuss your audit and database requirements please email – audits@1project.co.uk

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